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Tengler match is the expert in matches - matchboxes and book matches. The offer includes matches in all imaginable variations, especially advertising matches. Match production is our profession. The wide variety of promotional matches, - book matches and match boxes - can be experienced on this website. We offer matches in over 15 different head colours. Customers can also choose the stick colour at many models.
The variety of different shapes and sizes of matchboxes and book matches is enormous manifold. Promotional matches with long matches (fireplace matches), matchbooks with condom or with sticker, our funny matchbox "PICOLLO", a box in the size of a sugar cube, matchboxes in the shape of a drum with short and long matches (fireplace matches). We offer small quantities from 500 pcs, printed with digital printing and quantities from 2.500 pcs with offset printing. You see: personalized matches (personalized matchboxes and personalized book matches) is our profession with experience more than 30 years.
Tengler promotional matches, customized - matchbooks and match boxes, will be produced according to your specification and will be a guarantee for your promotional success. For matches and fireplace matches (long matches) are one of the most popular give aways. Advertising Matches are small, handy and cheap: a small personalized box or booklet with incendiary effect! Advertising matches are perfect promotional gifts.

For more than 30 years, Tengler Match is a famous brand name in whole Europe for custom printed matches. To ensure that your promotion will bring the expected success Tengler produces your advertising on the matchboxes and bookmatches with up-to-date printing methods. Small quantities with digital printing (from 500 pcs) and bigger quantities (from 2.500 pcs) with offset printing.

You also can buy one of the new promotional items: toothpick (promotional toothpicks in booklets or boxes), the ideal giveaway for restaurants, dentists and dental laboratories. Pocket ashtray, a promotional product to keep roads, courts, pools and beaches free of cigarette butts and / or chewing gum.

Buy matches directly from the manufacturer. Tengler Match - the match factory!

Streichhölzer direkt vom Hersteller.
Tengler Match - The World of Matches. Streichhölzer, Werbezündhölzer, Werbestreichhölzer, Zündhölzer, Zündholzwerbungen, Werbe, WerbezweckeWillkommen bei Tengler Match: Streichhölzer und Zündhölzer für Werbezwecke.
farbige Streichhölzer und Zündholzbriefchen

Werbezündhölzer · Streichholzschachteln · Werbestreichhölzer · Kaminstreichhölzer
farbige Streichhölzer · Zündholzwerbung · Zündholzbriefchen · Streichholzschachtel


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